Grace Hari

Grace Hari

Website Design

Website created using WordPress showcasing the art of Grace Hari –

Art Website by Moon Cube Design

Art Showreel

Moon Cube Design captured time-lapse and regular video footage of Grace in the studio creating several different paintings. The best footage was selected and edited with still photos of Grace’s completed works. The video is designed to allow the viewer a quick glimpse into the painting process, time spent in the art studio and the finished artwork. The segment of music is off the album ‘breathe’ created in 2017 by Moon Cube Design under the pseudonym Streams.

Artwork Photography

Moon Cube Design captured still photographs of Grace’s selection of watercolour paintings. The full selection can be viewed here on her gallery page. Photographing each watercolour using a digital SLR camera / tripod in natural light conditions helped capture the works natural vibrant colours and textures.

Business Card Design

We designed the business card with a focus on displaying high quality imagery of Grace’s artworks. The design and final prints were needed within a tight deadline. The final design was sent to Bullprint who did a very speedy print and delivery with a great result.

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