Lorien Scott, PGA Professional

Website Redesign

Lorien Scott

Lorien came to us for a refresh on his logo, website and promotional materials. Starting with his new logo design was the first part of the process; to find a logo that could visually represent his style and teaching philosophy. After the logo and style guide was locked in we created his new website with a fresh new style.

Website Redesign, Lorien Scott, PGA Professional.

Logo & Graphic Design

Lorien Scott

Our Graphic Design approach starts with a unified outcome in mind. We look at the bigger picture and ask “What steps do we need to take to make all of the designs work together?”. First step: Logo design and style guide, the foundation of your image branding. Second step: All other designs are created using the style guide as the basis. Third step: Ensure all designs are in conjunction with each other.

Lorien Scott, Logo Design.
Lorien Scott, Business Card Design.

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