Noah’s Park

Noah’s Park

Logo, Website & Business Card Design

Logo, Website and business card created for Noah’s Park –

Noah’s Park is a doggy day care business located in the heart of Brisbane Australia. Their focus is rehab, rescue resource, day care & grooming. Website designed by Moon Cube Design.

Noah's Park Doggy Day Care, Brisbane Australia. Logo Design by Moon Cube Design
Noah's Park Dog Day Care, Brisbane Australia. Design by Moon Cube Design
Web Design for Noah's Park, Brisbane. Website design by Moon Cube Design

Design process

The logo design was a process of working closely with Noah’s Park founder Amanda Booth. Amanda’s precise knowledge of each particular dog breed was very helpful in the development of drawing and designing each element of the logo. Amanda was focused on every detail including the correct colours, eye shape and different facial expressions. Amanda’s repeated request was always ‘more colour’ and from draft stage to finished product, each new version had a bigger, bolder and brighter colour scheme.

Noah's Park doggy rehab in Brisbane, Australia. Design by Moon Cube Design